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Post  Bintel on Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:37 pm

Krannon of Sherwood Questionnaire

Send your API Key to phae torch and Bintel in game. You will need the following items checked in the key generation form:

Account Status
Character Info

You need to set the expiration for 7 days.
Set the Characters selection to all

Once you have done that, please make an account and post the following into a new thread.

1.How long have you been playing Eve?

2.How often and around what time (EVE time) do you manage to log on?

3.What's your current play style like? (i.e. low-sec pirate, large alliance, wormhole corp, etc.)

4.What are your long term plans in EVE?

5.How many skill points do you have in total? How are they concentrated?

6.What ships can you fly? What ships do you fly?

7.Can you fly a T2 fitted:
Interceptor: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Covert Ops: YES|NO (ship name, skill level]
Interdictor: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Logistics: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
HAC: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Stealth Bomber: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Black Ops: YES|NO [ship name, skill level ]
Command ship: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Strategic Cruiser: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Industrial: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Mining Barge: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Exhumer: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Freighter: YES|NO [ship name, skill level]
Orca: YES|NO [Leadership Levels]

8.What was the last player corp that you were/are in? Why do you want to leave? What did you contribute to your previous corp?

9.How did you hear about Krannon of Sherwood?

10.Why did you choose KRNN instead of all the other corps out there?

11.What makes you a good fit for KRNN? Why should we pick you over other candidates?

12.Have you talked with a specific KRNN member about joining? If so then please state who.

13.Having a mic and using Ventrillo is required during certain operations. Is this a problem for you?

14.Anything you want us to know about your background when we perform background checks?

15.Tell us something about your personality.

16.In the event of a wardec, what would you do?

17.Are you willing to take orders and fly insanely stupidly if it benefits the group?

18.What is your attitude toward helping corp mates?

19.At what point would you block a corp mate? (Either in a chat channel or mail)

This is the obligatory question that everyone gets asked eventually. Please understand that this is a bonus question and has no real impact on if your accepted into corp or not.

20.Are you a spy? If yes, for which Alliance/Corp? And why the hell are you spying on a highsec corp to begin with?


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