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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:23 am

A couple weeks ago I got an itch and registered the domain of and the equivalent .net, .org, and .info (package deal). Originally I had intended on writing a few guides and putting a single banner ad and then hoping for the best. However, since the PI update, I've just outright lost most interest. I may still get around to putting some stuff up, but for the time being my plate is full.

Now the reason I'm posting this, is that if anybody wants to type up something, I'd be glad to host it. I can throw out a simple page design to go around it pretty quickly. If that person wants, I can put a banner ad on it, and if they can get enough people around to read it and there's any proceeds from advertisement, I'll send them 3/4s of that, the other quarter going back into my web hosting account.


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